What We Do

SOS California is…

A non-profit organization.

Our Mission…

To reduce the environmental impact of natural gas and oil seep pollution upon our ocean, beaches and atmosphere through education and awareness.

Our Goal…

To alert the public to the magnitude of natural seep pollution in the Santa Barbara Channel, and to the availability of an invaluable resource to fund environmental cleanup and develop alternative energy sources. It is through collaboration with an informed public that we can build the bridge to a healthy and sustainable future.

An Educated Community Will Know That…

  • Extensive pollution is caused by natural oil and gas seeps.
  • Extraction of the underlying oil and gas reserves is a solution to the seepage problem.
  • Exploration and production of the reserves can be conducted in an environmentally safe manner.
  • Royalty revenues can fund the transition to alternative sources of energy.

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Primary Sources of Information

University of California, Santa Barbara