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August 15, 2014

From Lad …

“My concern is that many of our citizens are confused about and/or have no information or bad information about Measure P. This presentation is intended to cause those citizens to be sure they get the right information and suggest to them where to get it from (the County Auditor has Impact Analysis Report available upon request).”



Measure P is a question that will be on the November 4, 2014 election ballot in Santa Barbara County. The Santa Barbara County Water Guardians filed its initiative and a notice of intent to circulate with the Santa Barbara County Registrar in March 2014, and gained the required signatures. On June 13, 2014, the Santa Barbara County Supervisors voted unanimously to put the initiative on the November ballot, rather than enacting it directly. Measure P addresses activities only in Santa Barbara County. Its short title is The Healthy Air and Water Initiative to Ban Fracking. Measure P’s full title? “Initiative to Ban ‘High-Intensity Petroleum Operations’ including but not limited to Well Stimulation Treatments and Secondary and Enhanced Recovery Operations such as Hydraulic Fracturing, Steam Injection and Acid Well Stimulation Treatment on all Lands within Santa Barbara County’s Unincorporated Area.” These processes have been used in Santa Barbara County for the past 50 years. With most permits being renewable on a regular basis, banning these processes would essentially shut down all 1,200 active wells in the county.

Top Myths about Measure P

Myth 1:

“Measure P is a ban on Fracking”

  • There is no Hydraulic Fracturing activity in Santa Barbara County
  • It also prohibits many other forms of extraction techniques

Myth 2:

“Oil and gas extraction techniques in Santa Barbara County are dangerous”

  • The techniques have been used safely and responsibly for many decade
  • There is no evidence that these techniques are likely to cause environmental or health impacts

Myth 3:

“Measure P will only shut down extraction techniques that are a risk to the environment”

  • Measure P will shut down all existing oil and gas operations in Santa Barbara County
  • The wording states that it will not shut down all existing oil and gas production, when in fact, 100% of the active oil and gas wells use one or more of the techniques that the measure will ban. These techniques have been used safely for decades.

Myth 4:

“Measure P is saving the environment”

  • The amount of natural oil seepage will grow immensely if drilling does not occur, polluting our coastlines with atmosphere with hydrocarbon.
  • More foreign oil will need to be imported from countries that have more relaxed environmental safety standards.

The Aftermath of Measure P

Economic Devastation

  • An estimated $291 million is to be lost from the Santa Barbara County economy
  • More than a thousand jobs will be lost causing a ripple effect to the economy (newly unemployed can no longer contribut to the circulation of the economy)


Nearly $16 million in public service funding will be cut drastically from:

  • Schools
  • Fire Protection
  • Other vital government services such as the local county Sheriff’s Association

Environmental Harm

    • More oil and gas will be imported from countries with less strict environmental regulations for drilling practices

The Santa Barbara County coastline has the second largest natural oil seep in the world. The elimination of offshore oil drilling will casue massive amounts of natural seepage to pollute our coastline.

  • Natural oil seepage is the greatest source of hydrocarbon pollution in the ocean and our atmosphere
  • Methane emmisions from seeps cause climate change
  • Marine life will be devastated by the amount of oil slicks and tar in the ocean from the natural seeps
Measure P would ban “High-Intensity Petroleum Operations.” These include:

  • Fracking – Pumps mixed water, sand, and chemical at high pressure into rocks to release oil and natural gas. Currently, no fracking is happening onshore in Santa Barbara County.
  • Cyclic Steaming – Injects steam down a well for 3-5 days, to soak for 1-3 days until the oil begins flowing. This comprises the bulk of the planned new oil operations.
  • Acid Well Stimulation – Injects corrosive chemicals that dissolve rock to open fractures and pores. It is being investigated for use in unconventional formations.



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