A Solution


Only through education can Californians and Americans learn the truth about the massive amounts of natural oil and gas seep pollution coming from offshore Santa Barbara, California’s coastal areas. Since Native Americans first arrived in coastal California, approximately 800 million barrels of oil have seeped into the coastal environment. Peer-reviewed published reports document the connection between existing Santa Barbara offshore oil production and natural seep pollution reductions over the last 20 years and the larger natural seep pollution reduction potential through expanded offshore oil and gas production.


Oil & Gas SchematicAt right, the schematic shows a vertical slice through the Earth’s crust, with folded layers of sedimentary rocks holding oil and gas in the crest of an underground fold. http://walrus.wr.usgs.gov/seeps/what.html

When the fold extends to the land (or sea) surface, a seep can occur. The schematic shows how natural seep oil is connected to the formations from which companies collect oil.

Public Awareness

Not many know the offshore oil industry safety record in California using new exploration and production technologies. There is a 38-year safety record of oil and gas production offshore Santa Barbara with less then 1,000 barrels spilled. By comparison, 2 million barrels of natural seepage occurred over the same time period.

  • New technology now allows slant drilling from land out into the ocean, or from existing offshore platforms or temporary offshore platforms out to a range of over 5 miles horizontally.
  • New California offshore oil and gas revenues can pay for California’s conversion to solar and renewable electricity and electric/plug-in vehicles and reductions in taxes for all Californians.

Economic Benefits



Policy Changes We Support

These policy changes will lead to cleaner statewide air and water quality, more renewable electricity and electric/plug-in car usage, lower taxes, lower fuel and natural gas prices, reduction or elimination of imported gas to California and fewer oil tankers entering California state waters.

  • Allowing new exploration and production of oil and gas resources within the offshore area of Santa Barbara County and adjacent Santa Barbara federal OCS waters.
  • Support studies to maximize oil production while maximizing additional natural oil and gas seepage pollution reductions off the Santa Barbara central coast.
  • Change California and federal regulations to allow already discovered but undeveloped Santa Barbara offshore oil and gas resources to be put into production in the near term.
  • Negotiate for California to retain the full fees and royalties for federal OCS leases and production revenue (18%) and dedicates royalties to fund solar thermal electricity, photovoltaics, wind energysources, electric/plug-in hybrid vehicle programs, and lowering Californian’s taxes. This funding will accelerate the build-out of the western U.S. solar and renewable energy infrastructure.
  • Negotiate a new royalty revenue and offshore oil/gas production and regulation agreement for Santa Barbara County. Significant new revenues will fund solar renewables and electric vehicle program rebates, county taxpayer reductions, wastewater treatment improvements and education programs.