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Join SOS California and actively support our mission with fundraising assistance; education, media and technical expertise; and regulatory reform expertise.


Since our inception, SOS has made progress to be proud of!!! BUT we still have a long way to go. The thing about progress is that it continues to open up new opportunities. And we want to be able to take advantage of ALL of them. To do this, we need your help.


I am so impressed with SOS California! Albertans need to create the equivalent… Keep up the good work.
~ Joseph Lawrence

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Social Media

We are incredibly proud of our new association with FirstClick, a cutting-edge social media company based in Santa Barbara. They have raised our consciousness about ways to communicate our message in ever more creative ways. Through FirstClick, we are posting consistently on Facebook, so that we are ever more a part of the conversation on energy and the environment. To further expand social media outreach, SOS has started a blog, California Oil ( FirstClick advises on approach, how to design a blog to encourage readership, and includes links to the blog in all social media. Support SOS

SOS Films

FirstClick also created 8 trailers from our movie, Road2Energy Independence, that can be accessed through YouTube. These trailers can also be accessed through our website. SOS Film Clips


SOS has had extensive meetings with the director of the Young America’s Foundation. They are interested in having SOS provide content for and participate in an energy and environment event at the Reagan Ranch Center. SOS is interested in accessing the organization’s connections at their outposts at college campuses across the country.

National Opportunities

We are often presented with opportunities for increased national exposure that are too good to resist. That is also true with opportunities that could be realized by the wider distribution of our two documentaries. These two outreach goals go together – and come with a hefty price tag. Donate

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