Santa Barbara based documentary film – A Crude Reality – to premiere Feb. 24 in Washington D.C.

Santa Barbara based documentary film  – A Crude Reality –  to premiere Feb. 24 in Washington D.C.

SANTA BARBARA, CA – February 18, 2010 – SOS California is pleased to announce the national premiere of its new documentary film, A Crude Reality on February 24th in the nation’s capitol. At this special event, hosted by The Heritage Foundation’s Ben Lieberman, Senior Policy Analyst on Energy and Environment, SOS co-founder Bruce Allen will be in attendance to discuss the film with elected officials, policy makers and a wide range of public interest groups attending the event.

The SOS documentary features candid comentary from international energy expert Matthew R. Simmons, author of Twilight in the Desert, who discusses California’s unique natural phenomenon along its coast: the world’s second most active offshore natural oil and gas seep field, which spews an estimated 80,000 barrels of crude oil pollution into California’s coastal waters every year. With its superb and stunning visual footage and interviews with well-known marine biologists, geologists, and many other professionals and elected officials, A Crude Reality documents the substantial and permanent environmental benefits the California coast has derived from offshore oil and gas production over the last 50 years by reducing the natural oil and gas seepage pollution. It chronicles the vast economic benefits that can ensue from expanded offshore oil and gas production in California, and ends with a staggering statistic: Development of California’s known offshore oil reserves would represent a $1 trillion mega-steroid shot to the state’s economy.

As this educational film is distributed throughout the country, SOS expects public awareness to increase regarding the issues surrounding the little known fact that the #1 source of petroleum pollution in U.S. waters is from natural oil seeps — 63% compared to less than 1% from oil drilling and extraction. For years Allen has argued that increased offshore energy production has been a great benefit to California’s coastal environment and adds that expanded production would actually provide permanent environmental benefits in addition to the benefits of generating significant revenue and decreasing the nation’s dependence on foreign sources of oil.

Reduced dependency on foreign oil is critical to our national security. Developing domestic offshore resources sends a new message to foreign governments and to the American people – that we believe in the technology, the environmental safety practices and regulations of the industry and that offshore resources can be developed safely while producing new jobs, generating much needed revenue, and reducing the greatest source of petroleum pollution in U.S. waters.
–Bruce Allen

There is significant potential for expanded oil and natural gas production in the waters surrounding the United States and, as SOS explains, especially off the California coast. The benefits of opening these areas to new leasing – i.e., greater supplies of domestic energy/significant reductions in imports of foreign oil; thousands of additional energy industry jobs; billions of dollars in new annual revenues for the state; the ability to fund and accelerate the transition to renewable energy resources — are hard to deny, especially for a state that is in dire need of economic relief.

SOS California is taking its Save Our State campaign to both national and state ranks, confident that significant technological advances in exploration and production safety procedures have addressed the longstanding environmental concerns — in particular, the risk of offshore oil spills. These overstated concerns have for decades trumped all other considerations in California as well as in other vast energy-rich areas in the U.S. that remain off limits, rendering the public unaware of the many tremendous benefits from expanded offshore production – indeed, a crude reality.

While in Washington, we will be meeting with senior members of Congress and members of California’s Congressional delegation to discuss the documentary film, offshore energy issues, and the enormous environmental and economic benefits that can be derived from expanded offshore oil and gas resource development – one of the largest and most valuable energy resources in the United States.
–Mary Belle Snow

SOS provides public presentations throughout the state and country to educate the public and effect positive environmental and economic change. You may contact the office by phone or email to book a presentation.

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