• "We are a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of natural gas and oil seep pollution upon our ocean, beaches and atmosphere through education and awareness."

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    Natural oil seepage is the greatest source of hydrocarbon pollution in the ocean and atmosphere.

    A single 6-mile stretch, including Coal Oil Point, averages 10,000 gallons of oil each day (240 barrels).

    Every 12 months approximately 86,ooo barrels of oil seep into the ocean along the Santa Barbara coast.
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    The vast majority do not know that the greatest source of oil pollution is hiding in plain sight and nothing is being done to combat it. SOS California is forming this community of strong-minded individuals that are not afraid to challenge popular belief, help spread this essential information, supercharge our economy for the future generation, and identify and dismantle this major pollutant in our ocean.

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    Our Goal

    To reduce the environmental impact of natural gas and oil seep pollution upon our ocean, beaches, and atmosphere through education and awareness.

    Our Mission

    To alert the public to the magnitude of natural seep pollution in the Santa Barbara Channel, and to the availability of an invaluable resource to fund environmental cleanup and develop alternative energy sources. It is through collaboration with an informed public that we can build the bridge to a healthy and sustainable future.

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    Only through education can Californians and Americans learn the truth about the massive amounts of natural oil and gas seep pollution coming from offshore Santa Barbara, California's coastal areas. Since Native Americans first arrived in coastal California, approximately 800 million barrels of oil have seeped into the coastal environment. Peer-reviewed pubLished reports document the connection between existing Santa Sarbara offshore oil production and natural seep pollution reductions over the last 20 years and the larger natural seep pollution reduction potential through expanded offshore oil and gas production.


    Not many know the offshore oil industry safety record in California using new exploration and production technologies. There was a 38-year safety record of oil and gas production offshore Santa Barbara with less than 1,000 barrels spilled. By comparison, 2 million barrels of natural seepage occurred over the same time period.

    New technology now allows slant drilling from land out into the ocean, or from existing offshore platforms or temporary offshore platforms cut to a range of over 5 miles horizontally.

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